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Adoption Orientation- Complete!

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

This week, we had our adoption orientation with our agency, Forever Families Through Adoption. We spent close to 4 hours on the phone learning about the adoption process from the people we will be working with as we journey to become parents. The word "journey" is one that is used in conjunction with adoption A LOT. This is because adoption is a PROCESS and we now have a much better idea of what that process entails. We have made a lot of important steps in the process so far (getting our physicals done, filling out a great deal of paperwork, attending parenting seminars, ect.) but there are many more to come before we are candidates for adoption.

It was comforting to be able to speak with the social worker that will be conducting our Home Study, which is a collection of information, interviews, references, and a visitation that is mandated by the government. Our social worker seems wonderful and it is a comfort to know that she is an adoptive parent as well. We're very quickly learning that people who are adoptive parents have such a passion for growing families and supporting couples who want to become parents. She gave us wonderful insights into some of the challenges she has faced as a parent, many of the triumphs, and encouraged us to establish our "team".

Your "team" is made up of people that are going to support you during this process. Its your family, friends, your pediatrician, your social worker, all of the people that you are going to have to trust, be vulnerable with, and count on to stick by you during the highs and lows of this journey. Adoption is not an experience that has touched most of our lives, so our team is going to be learning right along with us.

It was very affirming to be able to speak with our agency team members and know that we made the right choice in choosing them. They we encouraging, genuine, and most importantly, excited for us. This is such an emotional and exposed place to be in with people you don't know well. We have already begun conversations that are important and uncomfortable because this path we're on requires thoughtfulness and transparency in order to succeed.

We're looking forward to the next step, which is speaking with a pediatrician about the medical portion of our application, completing the application, and submitting all of the paperwork necessary to move forward with our home study. Think good thoughts!

-Kyle and Jeremy

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