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Halloween has always been one of the fun things we have done as a couple. We are both fun people and always have such a great time putting together a couple's costume. As teachers, our students love seeing us dress up and we try to choose costumes that they will recognize.

Halloween is usually spent with our nieces and nephews trick or treating and enjoying some family time together. With the pandemic, that was not possible for us this year, so we spent the evening together, getting take out and watching movies and brainstorming what costumes we would like to do with our future children. We decided that if we are lucky enough to be blessed with a girl that we would dress as Sully, Mike Wizowski, and Boo from Monster's Inc for our first Halloween. If we were lucky enough to be blessed with a boy, we wanted to dress up as as The 3 Chipmunks, Alvin, Simon, and Theodore for our very first Halloween as a family.

While we were disappointed that we couldn't spend time with our family or our students, doing our usual halloween routine, it was nice for us to look forward and think about how incredible it will be to pass on our love of Halloween to our child and create new and exciting memories together as a family!

We hope you enjoy the photo of our favorite couple's costume, Carl and Russell from Disney's UP!

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