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Home Study- Complete

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Yesterday was a big day: we finally completed our Home Study!!! The home study is the biggest hurdle adoptive couples face in the "pre-match" stage of the adoption process. The Home Study is a long document that outlines your reason for adopting, your pre-adoption parenting courses, the kind of child you are looking for, information about you, your family, your relationship, your parenting philosophy, plans for childcare, information about your community, your choice for guardian, and excerpts from your letters of reference. It is a combination of your application, your conversations with your adoption team, and your parent education, so having it complete is a huge relief.

Preparing for the home study is an UNDERTAKING! We cleaned our house from top to bottom, began simple baby proofing, and did a lot of work to finish our parenting course hours in time for the visit from our social worker. It is a shame that our home study took place during a pandemic because our house has never been cleaner and we can't have anyone over! The reality of the situation is that the social worker just came over to talk and have a look around, so our hours of scrubbing baseboards, folding socks, and cleaning out junk drawers went largely unnoticed. Still, it felt good to have the house looking good and to have the opportunity to speak about why we want to be parents.

Our next step is simply waiting. At this point, our birth parent letter is ready to be sent out to birth mothers and we are officially eligible to adopt! So cross your fingers and think good thoughts that we match sooner rather than later!

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