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Adoption has been on our minds as a couple ever since our very first date when we talked about wanting kids. We were both in agreement about wanting to parent and from then on, it was always part of our conversations when we made big decisions. After getting married, we found ourselves needing to move out of our rented house, and so the house hunt began.

We had a lot to think about as we discussed choosing the perfect house. We wanted to be close to our family that live in the area, a short driving distance to our jobs, and be somewhere where it was convenient to travel to our family that lives further away. In all of our discussions our top priority was choosing a community where we could raise children. This meant a great school system, a supportive and friendly community, and a place where our children would have opportunities to pursue their interests and make lifelong friends. This was a tall order, but we knew that we could find the perfect spot. We had been looking for a house before we got married and after the wedding, we found one we immediately fell in love with. It was located on a quiet street with a stream flowing just beyond the back yard, in a terrific school district, and near direct routes to our parent's houses.

We love our house, but even more important is the community where we live. We live in a small town with a picture perfect downtown area full of bakeries, restaurants, and cute little shops. The school district is one of the best in the county and the local college there has fantastic community facilities and offers great cultural opportunities such as concerts, lectures, and art exhibits. Because the town itself is small, people know each other well and our neighbors are friendly and outgoing. We have beautiful local farms where we pick pumpkins every fall and raspberries every summer, orchards where we go apple picking with our friends, great restaurants where we go for "date night" and other great local shops where we can buy books, clothes, and delicious desserts.

The children in our community love the large local park we have with great paths for biking or roller-blading, the public pool that offers swim lessons and a summer swim team, a thriving dance studio, and competitive youth soccer, baseball, and basketball programs. We have a fantastic local library that offers community programs for children and adults, a local art and music studio where students can seek creative opportunities outside of school, and local athletic and artistic programs offered through the college. Children in this community grow up with fantastic opportunities to have a lot of different experiences and bond with other kids no matter what their age is.

Another great quality of our community is that it is close to other thriving areas of the Hudson Valley. We both grew up in this area and are only 40 minutes away from our childhood homes, so we have the incredible opportunity to share our own childhood experiences with our future children. We also have direct transport down to New York City. Growing up, we took trips to New York to see the Statue of Liberty, go to the Natural History Museum, see Broadway shows, cruise around New York harbor, and take advantage of all that the city has to offer. We are so grateful that we will be able to recreate those awesome experiences for our kids. We travel to the city frequently for these experiences and we are looking forward to bringing our entire family down when we are blessed with an adoption placement.

We know that as you make your decision to place your child, you want to make sure that they grow up in a loving and supportive family like ours. We want the same for the child we are blessed to parent and we are so grateful that we have found a community that will encourage and nurture that child as much as we will. Our town is more than just beautiful views and cute shops, we are a close knit group of people committed to creating a safe community enriched with endless possibilities for the next generation.

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