Kyle and Jeremy
Who We Are

     We met back in the Fall of 2013 by chance at the local mall. Jeremy was working in the mobile department at Best Buy and happened to be Kyle’s cashier. A week later, we had our first date at a bowling alley, playing 2 games (Kyle won!) and talking for hours. We were surprised at how much we had in common; both coming from families of 6, our parents being from the Mid-West, growing up 30 minutes away from one another, and Kyle even working in Jeremy’s old school district. It was very clear that this was something special and we set up a second date right away. 6 months later, we moved in together and started our lives as a happy couple.


     While Jeremy was studying to get his education degree, Kyle worked as a teacher and church choir director and after a year and a half of adventures together, we got engaged. Jeremy proposed at the top of a local mountain as we took in the beautiful view and the moment was perfect.

     We knew that with our strong work ethic, the importance we each place on our family and values, and the incredible examples of a happy and healthy marriage given to us by our parents, that this was the perfect match. 

     We were excited to start our lives together and on July 1st, 2017, we got married in our home church, surrounded by our family and friends. In September 2017, we purchased our home. In our search, it was important to us to live somewhere close to family, with an excellent school district, and a strong sense of community. We could not have found a better place to start our married life, only 45 minutes from both sets of parents, and in the same community where Kyle teaches.





     Even before we were ready to become parents, it was important for us to make decisions as prospective adoptive parents with our future children in mind. 

     Now that we’re settled in to our home, with our 2 dogs Lola and Daisy, in this incredible community, we are excited to become parents. As an LGBT couple, we are grateful to be starting our family through adoption and making this dream come true!

Cruise to Bermuda- August 2016

Lunch at Our Favorite Spot- 2014

We're Engaged- June 2015

We're Married!- July 2017


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