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About Kyle

Written by Jeremy

     Kyle was born in Illinois, moved to California when he was young, and then moved to New York when he was in 8th grade with his parents and three siblings. He quickly got involved in countless extracurricular activities at his high school, and as an adult he similarly balances countless responsibilities with ease. Kyle appreciates all the opportunities he had to be involved as a kid and I know he would love to give all those opportunities to our children one day.

     Kyle knows how to build healthy relationships and how to maintain those relationships. He does this by communicating his feelings and knowing how to listen. It’s his thoughtful attention to his loved ones that makes me fall deeper in love with Kyle every day.

     Kyle is committed to our life together and shows it in the most romantic of ways - sometimes it even feels like I’m in the movies. For example, on the night before our wedding, Kyle gave me a book he made of all our memories since the beginning. He started making the book a month into dating because he knew even then that we were going to adventure through life together.

     He is remarkably creative in any domestic endeavor, and he is able to share his creativity in thoughtful ways. He made masks for nurses during the pandemic, makes beautiful quilts and furniture that he frequently gifts to people, and hosts an annual Christmas party for our friends and family. Kyle is someone who could never get bored because he always has endless hobbies to enrich our home and bring us joy.

     Kyle is quick-witted. When we play games, I love watching him laugh at the answers he writes down or types on his phone. It’s usually a good indicator that everyone else is going to get a good laugh too. This quality of being quick-witted is what makes Kyle a teacher that kids like and want to do well for.

     Kyle is a real family man who has fun with everyone on both sides. Sometimes when we get in the car to leave my parents’ house, he says “I love your family,” and it just makes me feel so happy. Kyle has fun with and love for everyone in our big family. I can only imagine how much love and how many fun trips Kyle has in store for us when we build our family here at our home.

Kyle's Favorite Things

Spending Time with Family

Kyle's family is very close and regularly gets together for special events, holidays, dinners, and birthdays.



Kyle loves Halloween. He plans amazing couples costumes for us to wear every year and always dresses up at school.



Kyle loves to travel. He planned a European vacation for a friend's wedding in 2023 and we visited Spain and Italy as a family.



Kyle built a garden in our back yard where he grows both vegetables and flowers. He and Daphne love to tend to the plants.

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