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About Jeremy

     Jeremy grew up in the Hudson River Valley with his parents, and three siblings. His childhood home is in a small suburban neighborhood and he grew up playing outside and swimming with friends he still has today. He is an accomplished musician, loves to learn new things, and is an incredible teacher. I knew very early on that he was "The One".

     After our first date he texted right away asking when we could have our second. It was clear, this was something special. What made me fall in love with Jeremy is how genuine he is. He'll look at you and you can see how he sees you and you can't help but want to be a better person. He is able to make connections with people that are meaningful and his child-like sense of excitement immediately endears people to him.

     It is impossible not to be won over by Jeremy's sincerity (I would know!). We spent hours early in our relationship answering questions from a "Book of Questions" he had growing up. We learned the most fun and interesting things about one another and it became a ritual that we would do every night before we fell asleep. When Jeremy knew that he was going to propose, he had his own Book of Questions made and after a hike to the top of a mountain nearby, he gave to me. We answered the questions and the last one was "Will You Marry Me?". It was so perfect and so unique to us, just like everything he does. I asked him why he chose this place to propose and he said because he knew we would be able to see this spot from far away and be reminded of this special moment every time we saw it.


     Jeremy is the most loving and dedicated parent to our daughter. He lights up whenever he sees her and finds every moment he spends with her to be better than the next. Our daughter is his top priority and he ensures that he can spend as much time with her as possible, limiting his time spent at work so that he can race home to pick her up from daycare. He has endless patience and enthusiasm and is so excited to play with our daughter and watch her learn and grow. While it took our daughter a long time to be able to call Jeremy "Pop", now it is her favorite word. Her first question everyday is "where is Pop?" He is her favorite play mate and adventure partner and seeing how he parents our daughter has deepened my love for him in a way I did not know was possible. I know that he is ready to love and dedicate himself to another child and I am so excited to see him as a father of two!


Jeremy's Favorite Things



Jeremy is a puzzle MASTER! He can sit down for hours on end quietly piecing together pieces. He love's the finished product and we have several he has put together around the house. 


Outside Adventures

Jeremy loves taking Daphne on adventures, whether that's to walk around town and explore different shops, or more likely, visit a local farm or park. 

They love to go see and pet the goats and horses at the farm down the road

IMG_3151 (1).jpg

Going Out to Eat

Jeremy is a foodie! He loves trying new things, exotic foods, and has a giant sweet tooth. 


Jeremy's favorite foods are gummy candy, chicken parm, and pizza.


Spending Time with Family

Jeremy's family gets together regularly to celebrate holidays, birthdays, have family dinners, and just spend time together. This picture is from his parents' annual Easter egg hunt!

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