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We are so blessed to have such an incredible and close circle of friends nearby. We are both very outgoing people and we have been fortunate enough to have thoughtful and sincere friends that have been by our side for all of our milestones as individuals and as a couple. Most of our friends from high school and college live close by and we get together as much as we can. 

Our daughter Daphne has loved playing with our friends kids, many of whom are around her age. We look forward to our next child being a part of the next generation of best friends. 


Our friends came to our local county fair

concert4 (1).jpg

Kyle and his friends return to their college


Celebrating Jillian's Wedding


Vacationing with friends in Washington DC


Our friends visiting a local petting zoo


Our friends meet for lunch at least once a month


We go to Tanglewood with friends every year for their summer concerts


Celebrating Christmas with great friends!

fall fun.jpg

We go apple picking every October

Ringing in the New Year with great friends

Kyle and Jeremy (19).png

Christmas party photo booth fun!


Celebrating our wedding!

IMG_8116 (1).jpg
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